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Ebook sales have grown exponentially in recent years. Millions of people are now reading their favorite books, newspapers, and magazines digitally. Converting your book to an eBook will allow you to reach out to a much bigger audience than ever before. Instead of your book going to the local bookstore, or having a copy wind up in a few libraries – it will be instantly available for purchase to everyone with an eReader. (Be it a Nook, Kindle, iPad, or other device.) However, before you can sell a book for use on an eReader, it has to be converted to the correct format. Due to a number of formatting benefits, ePub is quickly becoming the most popular and widely used format for eBooks. To break into this new market successfully, however, it would be beneficial to convert a book or PDF to ePub and .mobi formats. (The Amazon Kindle will only read .mobi files, and the Kindle is a pretty popular eReader.)

The process of converting your books must be done properly to ensure that your book reaches it's full potential. This means that during formatting you need to ensure you moniter two important things: security and privacy. Many authors and publishers are resisting the change to digital format. They value their hard work and don't want it to be leaked for free on the Internet. We take our process very seriously to give you the best in both security and privacy while still allowing you to break into the eBook market and turn a profit.

You could potentially reach more of your target audience by distribution, promotion and other unique service only available to eBooks – simply by properly converting your files from PDF to ePub and .mobi formats. Our ebook formatting process is affordable and efficient. You can easily have your past, present, and future books released in the correct formats and market them without any hassle on your part. After that, you can easily market your new eBooks and get on top of this spreading digital sensation. All of this can be yours if you let us handle the conversion of your book or PDF to ePub or .mobi formatted eBook.

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